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Why the High Street Still isn’t Safe…

This week has seen clothing store Jane Norman and housing product chain Habitat announce they are in administration, and chocolate retailers Thorntons announced today they are shutting up to half of their 364 stores nationwide. Many people thought that the worst of the financial troubles which hit our high street had finished a few years … Continue reading

The perils of live TV…

Having had some live studio training I understand the perils of ‘filling’- having to chat some nonsense to fill the time either when there is a technical problem or the programme is running short. It is sometimes ridiculously difficult and awkward- thinking up things to say on the spot in front of thousands of people … Continue reading

The great exam results panic…

Today I got my final set of results for university… and perhaps maybe forever? I was happy. I managed to get a 2.1 in my worst subject, Law, and had been waiting extremely anxiously for the last three weeks for the results to come in. In fact, anxiously is to put it mildly. I’ve been … Continue reading

Festivals- a British Love Affair

This weekend sees the arrival of the great British annual summertime stallwart the Glastonbury Festival, where thousands of revellers will brave any amount of mud or sunburn to enjoy a weekend of live music. From the outset, if you were to pick anywhere in the world to hold a festival, BritianĀ  wouldn’t be many people’s … Continue reading

Some Scenes May Be Created For Dramatic Purposes…

During ad breaks I flick around the channels, and a few days ago I found myself watching E4’s new take on US reality TV dramas, ‘Made in Chelsea’. Let’s face it, E4 have been really hyping it up, so thought I’d give it a go and see what all the fuss was about. My gosh, … Continue reading

Could a ‘Staycation’ be Good for You this Year???

If you think about a holiday, the bulk of the expense isn’t just the flights and hotels, but also is the insurance, excursions, meals, attractions, holiday clothes etc. Then if the exchange rate changes against your currency you can end up further out of pocket, especially if that country is already an expensive destination for … Continue reading

Are there any Role Models left for Girls?

So much has been written about in the media lately about how children, pre-teens and teenagers are being influenced by a sexualised culture in the media. Pop videos, clothing and adverts are getting increasingly raunchier, leaving many parents to worry about how it will affect their children. Parents are worried about children growing up too … Continue reading

Could Working for Free Now Lead to Better Future Prospects in the Long Term..???

Realising that it could take me an awfully long time to break into journalism with the current level of competition and with many job losses, I have decided that rather than getting a job which won’t help me get into journalism but that pays is I’m going to volunteer in a number of capacities that … Continue reading

The Great Food Price Explosion…. 10 Tips for Cheaper Food Bills

The Office for National Statistics printed its investigation on the rising price of living in early 2011, and produced some shocking statistics on the rise of some of our everyday food items. A bag of flour will cost on average 30% more than it did this time last year, butter 16% and salmon fillets by … Continue reading

Why don’t more people give blood?

I can’t watch surgery on TV. If anyone I know falls over and starts bleeding I go woozy. My first blood test I thought I was going to faint. Yet, this week, I’m going to give blood. Today is World Blood Donor Day, and this week is National Blood Week in the UK, where people … Continue reading