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A little bit more about me…

So, as I’ve already stated I’m a recent graduate, I’ve just got my first job in financial news production but hope to become a serious journalist some day.

This is basically a bit of a biog about me…

I grew up in the tiny town of Goole, East Yorkshire in a sprawling family to artist parents.

After leaving college I began my higher education at the University of Glasgow, studying English language and literature, Scottish literature, and theatre studies. I also wrote life and style features for Glasgow University Guardian.

However, upon deciding that it wasn’t the right degree for me, I took a year out and started a role as a trainee mac operator for Chronicle Publications Ltd based in Goole. This mainly involved designing advertisements and laying out pages for newspapers and an international magazine.

As well as this I became the newspaper’s resident arts correspondent reviewing local gigs, exhibitions and theatre productions.

After an enjoyable year with Chronicle Publications Ltd. I embarked upon a second degree with the University of Leeds in Broadcast Journalism.

While at the university I have honed many practical broadcasting skills and gained so much journalism experience. I have written for Leeds Student , the universities newspaper, and been on a placement at 96.3 Radio Aire.

I currently write for reviews site http://www.rlyvry.com, mainly film and album reviews, but I also write some features for the site too.

Now I’m all finished with my uni work and have graduated with a 2.1, and have just started working for the Press Association.

Read all about my experience in the media, my writing about current media issues and more general feature writing here on my new blog!


About charisscottholm

I'm a recent graduate currently working in news production. Hope you find my blogs, features and comment pieces interesting and entertaining.


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