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Could a ‘Staycation’ be Good for You this Year???

If you think about a holiday, the bulk of the expense isn’t just the flights and hotels, but also is the insurance, excursions, meals, attractions, holiday clothes etc.

Then if the exchange rate changes against your currency you can end up further out of pocket, especially if that country is already an expensive destination for tourists.

One idea to still have a relaxing break but avoid the costliness of overseas travel is to have a staycation- time off work where a family or individuals treat their local area as if they are on holiday.

There are numerous benefits to staycations- the biggest being the price. Without the costs of hotels, flights and insurance, because you are staying at home, then it makes it far far cheaper. You don’t have to eat out every night, you have accommodation already paid for and extra costs like taxes and insurance aren’t needed.

Also, think of the stress foreign holidays can sometimes bring- getting small children onto aeroplanes, remembering to pack everything other than the kitchen sink, and getting around in a country that doesn’t speak the same language.

You also get to know your local area or nearby areas better- and feel more connected to the place where you live. Often people will take for granted the amenities available close by, or the natural beauty in the place that they live.

For example, here in Britain we have a booming tourist industry- people come from all over the world to see things on our doorstep we take for granted.

Just 20 miles away from where I live there is the city of York- a very popular tourist attraction. But people from this area will probably never use it for entertainment reasons- more for shopping.

Many people in England live within commuting distance from London- but will never take advantage of it’s tourist attractions- despite it being a world-leading city.

I bet there are hundreds of attractions nearby wherever you live which you have never even thought about which could make perfect trips for staycations- parks and nature reserves, galleries and museums (often they are free, too) beach trips, city trips, or restaurants you’ve been waiting for an excuse to visit.

Maybe it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea- especially for those who go away to get away from the British weather to top up their tans, or those who go away to go clubbing, but for families or people looking for a cultured break on a budget a staycation could be just as exciting as the traditional vacation.


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