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Some Scenes May Be Created For Dramatic Purposes…

During ad breaks I flick around the channels, and a few days ago I found myself watching E4’s new take on US reality TV dramas, ‘Made in Chelsea’.

Let’s face it, E4 have been really hyping it up, so thought I’d give it a go and see what all the fuss was about.

My gosh, it had to be the worst load of old tat I’ve ever seen on TV. Like watching paint dry, except it is the most mundane, pretentious, nasty, paint you’ve ever seen in your entire life.

That wasn’t even the worst part. The worst part was the way in which scenes were so ridiculously staged.

Here goes-

‘Hyacinth bumps into Tarquin modelling in the park with dumb blond rahs the exact same moment Jamelda bumps into Hyacinth’s ex Edmund in Cannes with dumb blond rahs and sends her a text so Tarquin and dumb blondes can feign sympathy.’ (Names created for dramatic purposes).

The fact is that real life just doesn’t make for great TV- people’s lives, no matter how young, beautiful, fabulous and wealthy they are, just don’t contain enough drama to make a serial out of it.

We are told that they are so detached from us- we’re using their jet-set lives as escapism from our own sordid existence- but to be honest we all go to work, go on holiday, go shopping and to parties the same way they do. And seem more happy with them.

And if we had all their money and privilege I’m sure we’d all make a lot more of it.

They have to stage dramatic moments because reality doesn’t call for these weird coincidental moments were across the channel people are bumping into people oddly which just wouldn’t happen, they need it to create some drama.

Later on Hyancinth manages to walk into a garden party at exactly the dramatic moment when boyfreind stealer Lettuce’s song about Edmund gets into full flow.

Yawn. It’s not even dramatic or cringe or anything because it’s just so fake.

Surely British audiences aren’t willing to swallow this tripe? I can somewhat understand people liking The Hills, even though scenes are created in a similar way, because the people they picked were actually kinda half likeable and you get into their loves, lives, losses and all the rest and it is put together in a way that makes you want to follow them all the same.

In ‘Made in Chelsea’ the premise is wrong, the drama is wrong, the storytelling is wrong.

I can’t imagine there being many fans out there, correct me if I’m wrong and tell me why on Earth you like it!




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