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My personal tribute to Amy Winehouse

  I was just 16 years old when I first heard Amy Winehouse. I was a massive R ‘n’ B fan and listened to people like Jennifer Lopez and Alicia Keys, and Amy was a real breath of fresh air. First of all, she was British. She was signing about things I recognised, and things … Continue reading

Is a ‘slow journalism’ movement an oxymoron?

Several examples of recent times have shown how the media have been desperate for stories, and used quick fix or lazy journalism to get a story. None so much as the Hacking Scandal. No one can deny that newspapers are flailing somewhat in the news media market, the numbers of people reading a daily paper … Continue reading

Sometimes you just have ‘one of those days…’

All in all, my week hasn’t been brilliant! I managed to get rejected from some work experience I really wanted on Monday, then Tuesday rejected from a traineeship I really wanted, directly before failing my driving test! Tuesday night saw my boyfriend treating me to many a double vodka and coke (they were out of … Continue reading