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Sometimes you just have ‘one of those days…’

All in all, my week hasn’t been brilliant!

I managed to get rejected from some work experience I really wanted on Monday, then Tuesday rejected from a traineeship I really wanted, directly before failing my driving test!

Tuesday night saw my boyfriend treating me to many a double vodka and coke (they were out of Jack Daniels) and me singing away my troubles to the Dum Dum Girls…

Oh dear, I hear you say.

Wednesday morning- not hungover thank God- I felt tempted just to have the day off, stay in bed, read a book, ignore MediaUK and Holdthefrontpage for one day…

However I just don’t think it would make me feel any better. Rejection is a part of life, and a big part of the nature of journalism, you just kind of have to learn to take it on the chin.

So I was up at 7.30. Filled in a CRB check I’ve been putting off. Applied for more work experience and another job. Why not?

I just have to keep thinking to myself it only takes one person to like my CV and give me a chance… just one person… it can’t hurt to keep trying even if it means getting hurt being rejected.

If anyone feels like they are struggling a bit as well there is some good advice on the website Graduate Fog on keeping motivated and handling rejection.

Just gotta keep on trying, believe that you’ll get there eventually!


About charisscottholm

I'm a recent graduate currently working in news production. Hope you find my blogs, features and comment pieces interesting and entertaining.


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