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The Experience Gap

Any 16-24 year old who is classed as not in employment, education or training (aka NEETS) will know the many hardships of trying to get a job in the current economic climate. This month’s unexpected unemployment rise has shown that 20.2% – that’s one in five – young people are NEETs. The hardships that young … Continue reading

What to take to University…?

Today I read an article in the Telegraph, which had the most ridiculous going to uni advice ever. Not only did it tell you to take John Lewis Egyptian cotton sheets and a trunk, it told you to avoid putting things in your room which were personal and said a lot about you. Now, as … Continue reading

My first time co-presenting…

For the past few months I’ve been volunteering with FM station Vixen 101, just acting as a reporter, writing news reports and recording packages and interviews. I signed up with not even the slightest interest in presenting, being a DJ is just not my cup of tea! I don’t mind my work/me going out on … Continue reading

Pre-new job nerves…

So this week I was offered a job, and it’s a job in the media so I was really happy to be offered the position! Whilst I was imagining that it could take me potentially until Christmas atleast to find a job, my mind was slowly turning to mush with avid day time TV watching … Continue reading

Smartphone addiction- are we swapping our social lives for social media?

A recent Ofcom study showed that more people than ever are using Smartphones, which are phones which have advanced features such as internet browsers, apps, email and instant messaging capabilities. The report found that the most visited mobile site was Facebook, showing that Smartphone use is moving away from its origins in the world of … Continue reading

Do people still believe in Ghosts?

Recently a couple of strange things have happened to me in my house, that I really can’t explain. In the first instance, a glass surface protector I was cooling cakes on moved 6 inches across the surface when I left the room, and in the second my front room clock had stopped before I went … Continue reading

‘Them’ and ‘Us’…

Social media has spouted absolute vitriol about certain groups of people since the London Riots started. Mostly racist and xenophobic, and mostly aimed at the yobs themselves, but some openly stating that it is a problem of multiculturalism and that people should ‘go back from where they came from’. People have been quick to point … Continue reading

Should all migrants coming into the UK be able to speak some English?

First of all, you should know I’m not writing this as someone with a right-wing agenda about immigration, but more as someone who cares about the well-being of the UKs many migrants. I’m not trying to inflame any kind of xenophobic argument! Currently, people who are moving into the UK from outside the EU, and … Continue reading

Does Yorkshire still have a strong regional identity?

    Today is Yorkshire Day, a day that won’t mean much at all to most people in Yorkshire. It seems to be an excuse for charities and community groups in Yorkshire to put on events and help raise money, or as a way of persuading southerners to come and give us a visit. I … Continue reading