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‘Them’ and ‘Us’…

Social media has spouted absolute vitriol about certain groups of people since the London Riots started.

Mostly racist and xenophobic, and mostly aimed at the yobs themselves, but some openly stating that it is a problem of multiculturalism and that people should ‘go back from where they came from’.

People have been quick to point out the differences between ‘us’ and ‘them’.

There is even a facebook page called ‘Not smashing up your own city ’cause you’re from the North.’

I understand it’s tongue in cheek, but obviously these people have never heard of the past riots in Bradford. Or Oldham. Or Burnley.

When you see people on the news distraught from losing their homes and businesses I have all the sympathy in the world for them, and all the hatred in the world for the criminals who have caused the damage.

But I also believe that it is an ‘us and them’ attitude in society which has led to some of the violence.

Because if we think about it- what just makes a sizeable chunk of the youth of London act in this way? There has to be something, some reason, why youths are enjoying destroying homes and businesses, why they are looting, and lets face it why before this even happened they were part of gang culture.

There just has to be more behind why people are like this, it can’t just be simplistic and narrow minded and blamed on race or other ‘alienating’ factors.

After all, if one if these rioters was born into YOUR family, lived in YOUR home, in YOUR town, do you think they would still be involved in the riots??????



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