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Do people still believe in Ghosts?

Recently a couple of strange things have happened to me in my house, that I really can’t explain.

In the first instance, a glass surface protector I was cooling cakes on moved 6 inches across the surface when I left the room, and in the second my front room clock had stopped before I went out, then when I returned to the house it said the right time.

So I just pretty much thought I was going mad, but the more I tell people about the weird goings-on of recent the more people share their own experiences of strange incidents.

The thing is, I don’t really believe in ghosts, I think it must have been my mind playing tricks on me. When the glass board moved it was in a thunderstorm and I was quite jumpy, and when the clock stopped I was nervous awaiting a job interview.

I think in 2011 people are as cynical as they have ever been- and in a time when science can proove and disproove so much there is still no concrete evidence that ghosts don’t exist. There are also some studies which suggest that ghosts definitely don’t exist.

I think that if there were supernatural beings able to move kitchen implements and stop clocks then we’d have some solid proof by now, wouldn’t we?

What is true is that things still happen which we have no answer for- and that maybe it is still easier to blame a ghostly presence than try and work out a logical answer, or admit that we are wrong in what we saw.

Does anyone today still believe in ghosts? Have you had anything happen to you which can’t be rationally explained?


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