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Pre-new job nerves…

So this week I was offered a job, and it’s a job in the media so I was really happy to be offered the position!

Whilst I was imagining that it could take me potentially until Christmas atleast to find a job, my mind was slowly turning to mush with avid day time TV watching and OTT Twitter use!

Yes I love the Gilmore Girls, but I also love being able to pay the bills!

So tomorrow I begin the next step in my life.

And I’m really nervous.

I can just tell that I won’t be getting much sleep tonight, am going to worry about making a good first impression, be worried about what I should wear and whether or not I’m going to like my new colleagues and most importantly whether I’m actually going to like my new job!

It seems like there could always be a reason in your life to be nervous and worry, but I think on this occasion I should just be excited.

Because it’s a happy occasion, not a sad one, and nerves aren’t going to do anything to help me be any better at the job!


About charisscottholm

I'm a recent graduate currently working in news production. Hope you find my blogs, features and comment pieces interesting and entertaining.


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