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What to take to University…?

Today I read an article in the Telegraph, which had the most ridiculous going to uni advice ever. Not only did it tell you to take John Lewis Egyptian cotton sheets and a trunk, it told you to avoid putting things in your room which were personal and said a lot about you.

Now, as a person who’s been a fresher twice, I know a thing or two about moving into halls.

The first and second time were completely different, and I know which I preferred!

The first time I went I got the train with a suitcase and had a few things couriered up, and the second time I brought all my nik naks and home comforts in a car (OK, it was 2 cars…)

The second time round it was like my home from home, and made me feel really comfy. Eventhough all my friends laughed at me I didn’t care, because it was my own little haven of stuff.

So that leads me to my first point- Just be yourself! Just put whatever you like in your room that makes you happy, I had things like fluffy seahorses and Russian Dolls from my travels and Cath Kidston boxes and filled my noticeboard with junk from home- and I loved it.

No one who’s worth being your friend will judge you!

I think there are some essential things you should take to uni, but what you want your room to look like should be fun and easy and just about being yourself and making you happy.

So here’s my top ten list of things to actually take to Fresher’s week-

1. Alcohol * – Can’t beat it for sharing with new friends, and afterall,  there will be an embarrassing game of ‘I have never’, so why not aim to forget ever spilling all your secrets with almost strangers?!

2. Some easy food- You have plenty of time to learn to cook after you’ve settled in. Don’t bother with loads of fancy gadgets either,  buy as you go along to save wasting money on garlic presses etc. However, do bring a pizza cutter and cheese grater. Sweets and chocolate too, a large supply is always nice for enticing new friends.

3. DVDs- Most people won’t fork out for a TV license, and eventhough iPlayer is OK to watch without a license,  internet in halls is notoriously bad and Hollyoaks will buffer for half an hour. So for quiet nights in (you will have some) bring some DVDs to watch with friends.

4. An inflatable bed/ sleeping bag- you’ll have friends from other universities staying over, so best to be prepared with some stuff for them.

5. iPod speakers- small and portable and good for flat parties. It will also mean you can leave your CD collection at home, university rooms can be really small and the less you have to store the better. A Spotify account will serve you well, too.

6. Notice board and pins or wipe-clean board- Make sure you don’t miss your first appointment with your personal tutor! An academic planner is a good investment too.

7. The odd fancy dress outfit- there will be lots of it… and perhaps a sewing kit, to do bits of DIY outfit making.

8. A laudry basket- An instant way to tidy your room, and one with a detachable bag will make trips to a far away laundrette much easier.

9. A railcard- Save yourself some money on visits home and seeing friends in far off places.

10. Some cushions and/or throws- nice for having friends (etc…) round to snuggle up whilst watching said DVDS…

*Best to take paracetmol too!!

Does anyone else have any more fresher’s essentials? What would you advise taking/ not taking???


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I'm a recent graduate currently working in news production. Hope you find my blogs, features and comment pieces interesting and entertaining.



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