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The eye of the beholder…

Samantha Brick.

Oh dear. She set herself up for a fall, didn’t she?

Anyone who writes an article called ‘There are downsides to looking this pretty’: Why women hate me for being beautiful (it’s in the Daily Mail, you can find it there) are really going to come up against it aren’t they?

I found lots of things about this article problematic, but the two things that really stood out to me were this- one, beauty is subjective, and two, people don’t usually dislike people for their looks, but for their personalities.

At university, I swear there were beautiful people everywhere. And these beautiful people didn’t sit alone in corners crying because they had no friends, a lot of the time they were extremely popular.

Of course, some people are jealous of other’s look and may react with hostility to someone who is intimidatingly gorgeous.

But most of the time people will only dislike a person for their looks if they boast about them, act superior to others because of them or put other people down for the way they look.

Samantha Brick did all three of these things in this article- and to top it off the majority of people haven’t found her anywhere as near as attractive as she finds herself.

She mentions that we are all sexist- because if Brad Pitt admitted to being handsome that would be fine- but if Angelina Jolie said it she would be persecuted.

I do not think that would be the case- it may be a cliche, but vanity is never attractive and can make the prettiest person look ugly. Dare I say that inner beauty usually shines through the most????

Scientists suggest that symmetry in faces is what makes a person physically attractive. But we all know that one person will love the looks of Angelina and hate the looks of Scarlett, another will love Scarlett and dislike the look of Beyonce.

For Samantha to assert as fact that she is beautiful she is forgetting the personal preference in finding people attractive, as well as coming across as vain and self-absorbed.

In a retort published today, entitled ‘This bile just proves I’m right’ she makes no allowances for the way her personality came across in the article and repeated that people were only saying negative things about her because she is so pretty and they are jealous.

She says we all missed the point- and that it was all about what hard time beautiful people have at the hands of jealous trolls.

Well, I’m afraid there are many people who I think could lead sad lives because of the way they look on the outside, and how people treat them because of this, and these don’t include the physically attractive.

I imagine if she had been born with a serious facial disfigurement she would have a completely different view of what makes someone beautiful.


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