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The Accidental Bride

When it comes to planning weddings, one saying I often hear is that the bride has been dreaming of their big day since they were a little girl.

Often people add emphasis to the importance of their day by saying they have been figuratively planning it since they were five years old.

I, perhaps unfortunately, am not one of those people.

Everyone has those dreams, the things they secretly wish to achieve. I often wish to wake up with amazing musical ability so I can record a mesmerizing album and become the next Laura Marling etc, etc…

The thing is, when I was five I liked playing in my garden, with my cat. I dreamed of wax crayons and watering cans and bags of sweets from the post office.

My mum put together a folder of our best childhood artwork, and looking through mine I can see plenty of drawings of princesses with big dresses in nice castles… but none of them have princes.

Things didn’t change much as I got older, I concenrated on my school work and then my degree and even though I’d fallen in love I always had other priorities, and still do, but I also have a wedding to plan.

So now I have a million choices to make about this suddenly all-important day, and I have never thought about bouquets or invitations, themes or colour schemes or even dresses since my school placement at a wedding shop, and I can’t work out at all what I want- let alone what I can afford.

A recently married friend had a wonderful, large, traditional wedding which he told me was what he had always imagined and wanted.

I only wish I wasn’t kind of accidentally thrown into this crazy wedding planning world when I decided I wanted to promise to always be with the person I love, it might have made planning this (hopefully!) once in a lifetime event a little easier.


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I'm a recent graduate currently working in news production. Hope you find my blogs, features and comment pieces interesting and entertaining.


One thought on “The Accidental Bride

  1. Love this Charis! If you need any wedding planning help, I am the wedding queen ahaha!
    Miss your lovely BJ face
    Katie x

    Posted by staringatpeopleontrains | May 8, 2012, 12:45 pm

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