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Why I’d be a hypocrite to get married in a church…

Since we got engaged it seems like everyone and anyone can have an opinion about our plans, and boy do people have strong opinions about weddings!

A few people have suggested that to get around the problem of register offices being small and registrar’s fees for private venues being so high that we should ‘just marry in a church’.

We probably all know a few people who don’t really believe in God but who got married in churches for either pretty pictures or because it is ‘traditional’.

Each to their own, but I’d feel pretty hypocritical making a promise to a God I don’t believe in!

But even this hypocrisy is not the real reason I don’t want to get married with a Christian ceremony.

It’s to do with the Church’s stance on gay marriage.

I strongly believe that loving, committed couples whatever gender or sexual orientation should be allowed to partake in marriage.

But currently the catholic church is waging war on a government proposal for gay marriage, even aksing school children to sign a petition against it .

Senior figures from the Church of England have also spoken out against it.

I understand that for some people the term ‘marriage’ conveys a special societal norm of a man and woman going forward in a committed relationship to raise a family.

But then again I see nothing wrong with loving, caring, good parents bringing up children being a woman and a man, man and man, or even just a woman or man by themselves.

I also see nothing wrong with people getting married and choosing not to add children to their family.

Just because it is traditional for a woman and man to be married I don’t think it should always be that way- the same as for most couples today a dowry isn’t paid, like it traditionally was!

Some traditions just aren’t worth keeping. And I believe not allowing a homosexual person the same rights as a heterosexual person is even more medieval than a dowry being paid.


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