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Giving up the side bar of shame…

I’d always been a Guardian reader. I’m a big leftie unfortunately, though not so much as I used to be now I pay taxes!

But the Guardian website, though great for news, is not always great for entertainment.

The Daily Mail on the other hand, is fantastic fun.

There are so many articles you can hate-read. The Mail has made a little niche of it, what with Liz Jones and Samantha Brick and that woman who is too pretty to work.

Since I am working to live deadlines, I get a bit of down-time waiting for the next bit of information to come through. So what the better way to make it pass quicker than to scroll through some celeb goss bikini pic rubbish down the right-hand side of the Daily Mail page?

Well, as some of you may know, I have been quite over weight and am currently battling my way back down to a healthy weight for me.

But being on a diet and exercising lots makes you kind of obsessed with your own body… carefully watching for signs of change, logging every calorie that enters your mouth, making sure you burn enough calories in the gym.

And I was starting to become harshly judgemental about myself even though I was losing weight, and I found I was starting to become judgemental of other people too, which in regards to size, is something I have always tried not to do.

I started to think that there was a direct correlation between spending lots of time online reading articles judging women and their appearance… and between me becoming more judgemental.

I was waking up in a morning and staring in the mirror and hating what I saw, my body has just never compared to the bodies I see in the media. Even when I was a lovely healthy size 12 I would compare myself to someone who is a size 8 and felt woefully inadequate. Going on a website and seeing women who have personal trainers, stylists, dieticians and bodies I would kill for being featured in articles saying that they were inadequate was becoming really detrimental to my own self esteem. Something had to change.

So I decided to go cold turkey from the Daily Mail.

And one month later I am feeling so much better about myself. I’m no longer worrying so much about what people think of me. And I’m no longer being judgemental about the way other people look either.

Wondering if that person in the pool who has on the same swimsuit as you and is a lot thinner than you will snigger when you get out the water isn’t much fun.

But this weekend I went to the beach and wore a swimsuit and a cover up, and showed off my legs, cellulite and all. And it felt so great not to be sweltering on the beach fully clothed!

So if you’re feeling a bit insecure, or a bit bitchy, or just fed up of feeling like the only thing that matters about you is your appearance, I’d say a trip away from the Daily Mail is in order. It has helped me so much.



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I'm a recent graduate currently working in news production. Hope you find my blogs, features and comment pieces interesting and entertaining.


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