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Body acceptance v changing your body

Most of you know that lately I’ve lost a reasonable amount of weight. To date, 32lb, and I’m aiming at losing some more.

But diet and body size is such a loaded topic, it is hard to talk about.

One of the things I often encounter when talking about my weight loss journey is that other people feel like my want to change my body is somehow a reflection on them – that if I feel like I need to change my body then they should feel the need to change theirs.

I don’t.

I’m a strong proponent of body acceptance, that everyone should feel good about themselves at every size. All bodies are beautiful, not just the ones the media tells us are acceptable.

So this goes in direct contrast with me personally feeling the need to change my body.

I think that the way I work through this is by this….

I’m a firm believer that you can be happy and healthy at any size, and this doesn’t mean you have to justify yourself by saying, ‘yeah I weigh 14 stone but I eat lots of vegetables and go to the gym…’, it just means you have to feel healthy in yourself and judge it by your own standards.

Healthy to some is being able to do an ironman race, or a tough mudder. Healthy to some is going to the gym three times a week. healthy to some people is making it through the day without having an anxiety attack, healthy to some is making it through recovery from an eating disorder and making sure they get some calories in for the day.

It differs for everyone, and just because I personally felt unhealthy at that weight, does not feel that anyone else should.

I became obese though hating my body – I comfort ate and binged and didn’t give my body the nourishment it deserved. Not every person the NHS tells is obese has this same story, I was unhealthy and unhappy because of the mental reasons, not because of my physical shape.

And losing weight had to be out of love for my body –  I had to start treating it well with exercise and healthy food to meet my own personal standards for health.

So if you decide to change your body, make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons. Don’t think you should do it because you see other people changing theirs. Don’t do it because you think your BMI is too high. Don’t do it because you think society thinks it is something you SHOULD be doing. Do it because you want it to meet your own standards for happiness – which could mean making no changes at all.


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