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Ten Tips For New Runners

I really enjoy running, and when I tell people that I run they usually have two reactions. Normally they ether tell me I’m mental and that they hate running, or they tell me that they’d love to be able to run and don’t really know where to start. With this in mind, I wrote a … Continue reading

Body acceptance v changing your body

Most of you know that lately I’ve lost a reasonable amount of weight. To date, 32lb, and I’m aiming at losing some more. But diet and body size is such a loaded topic, it is hard to talk about. One of the things I often encounter when talking about my weight loss journey is that … Continue reading

Giving up the side bar of shame…

I’d always been a Guardian reader. I’m a big leftie unfortunately, though not so much as I used to be now I pay taxes! But the Guardian website, though great for news, is not always great for entertainment. The Daily Mail on the other hand, is fantastic fun. There are so many articles you can hate-read. … Continue reading

Why I’d be a hypocrite to get married in a church…

Since we got engaged it seems like everyone and anyone can have an opinion about our plans, and boy do people have strong opinions about weddings! A few people have suggested that to get around the problem of register offices being small and registrar’s fees for private venues being so high that we should ‘just … Continue reading

The Accidental Bride

When it comes to planning weddings, one saying I often hear is that the bride has been dreaming of their big day since they were a little girl. Often people add emphasis to the importance of their day by saying they have been figuratively planning it since they were five years old. I, perhaps unfortunately, … Continue reading

The eye of the beholder…

Samantha Brick. Oh dear. She set herself up for a fall, didn’t she? Anyone who writes an article called ‘There are downsides to looking this pretty’: Why women hate me for being beautiful (it’s in the Daily Mail, you can find it there) are really going to come up against it aren’t they? I found … Continue reading

How to survive an adult tonsillectomy…

After years of bugging doctors with recurring outbreaks of tonsillitis and almost constant tonsil stones a doctor finally sent me to a specialist. Lo and behold, they were beyond repair and a tonsillectomy was well overdue. In the run up to my procedure I did some internet research, and found that most posts were either … Continue reading

Happy New Year

This year has been such a mixed bag. Many news commentators have suggested that 2011 will become a momentous year in history, and similarly it has been a momentous year in my own history. 2011 has seen me graduate, pass my driving test, embark on my career and really just start out on my own … Continue reading

What to do when there are strange people in your house…

So I’m currently in the midst of a strange man who’s doing a gas check on my house. He’s not strange because he’s weird, just strange because I don’t know him. Having strangers in my house isn’t something I’m used to, or many people are I suppose, because most people are invited into your home … Continue reading

The Experience Gap

Any 16-24 year old who is classed as not in employment, education or training (aka NEETS) will know the many hardships of trying to get a job in the current economic climate. This month’s unexpected unemployment rise has shown that 20.2% – that’s one in five – young people are NEETs. The hardships that young … Continue reading