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The eye of the beholder…

Samantha Brick. Oh dear. She set herself up for a fall, didn’t she? Anyone who writes an article called ‘There are downsides to looking this pretty’: Why women hate me for being beautiful (it’s in the Daily Mail, you can find it there) are really going to come up against it aren’t they? I found … Continue reading

Smartphone addiction- are we swapping our social lives for social media?

A recent Ofcom study showed that more people than ever are using Smartphones, which are phones which have advanced features such as internet browsers, apps, email and instant messaging capabilities. The report found that the most visited mobile site was Facebook, showing that Smartphone use is moving away from its origins in the world of … Continue reading

‘Them’ and ‘Us’…

Social media has spouted absolute vitriol about certain groups of people since the London Riots started. Mostly racist and xenophobic, and mostly aimed at the yobs themselves, but some openly stating that it is a problem of multiculturalism and that people should ‘go back from where they came from’. People have been quick to point … Continue reading

Does Yorkshire still have a strong regional identity?

    Today is Yorkshire Day, a day that won’t mean much at all to most people in Yorkshire. It seems to be an excuse for charities and community groups in Yorkshire to put on events and help raise money, or as a way of persuading southerners to come and give us a visit. I … Continue reading

Is a ‘slow journalism’ movement an oxymoron?

Several examples of recent times have shown how the media have been desperate for stories, and used quick fix or lazy journalism to get a story. None so much as the Hacking Scandal. No one can deny that newspapers are flailing somewhat in the news media market, the numbers of people reading a daily paper … Continue reading

The perils of live TV…

Having had some live studio training I understand the perils of ‘filling’- having to chat some nonsense to fill the time either when there is a technical problem or the programme is running short. It is sometimes ridiculously difficult and awkward- thinking up things to say on the spot in front of thousands of people … Continue reading

Some Scenes May Be Created For Dramatic Purposes…

During ad breaks I flick around the channels, and a few days ago I found myself watching E4’s new take on US reality TV dramas, ‘Made in Chelsea’. Let’s face it, E4 have been really hyping it up, so thought I’d give it a go and see what all the fuss was about. My gosh, … Continue reading

Are there any Role Models left for Girls?

So much has been written about in the media lately about how children, pre-teens and teenagers are being influenced by a sexualised culture in the media. Pop videos, clothing and adverts are getting increasingly raunchier, leaving many parents to worry about how it will affect their children. Parents are worried about children growing up too … Continue reading

Why don’t more people give blood?

I can’t watch surgery on TV. If anyone I know falls over and starts bleeding I go woozy. My first blood test I thought I was going to faint. Yet, this week, I’m going to give blood. Today is World Blood Donor Day, and this week is National Blood Week in the UK, where people … Continue reading