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My first time co-presenting…

For the past few months I’ve been volunteering with FM station Vixen 101, just acting as a reporter, writing news reports and recording packages and interviews. I signed up with not even the slightest interest in presenting, being a DJ is just not my cup of tea! I don’t mind my work/me going out on … Continue reading

Could Working for Free Now Lead to Better Future Prospects in the Long Term..???

Realising that it could take me an awfully long time to break into journalism with the current level of competition and with many job losses, I have decided that rather than getting a job which won’t help me get into journalism but that pays is I’m going to volunteer in a number of capacities that … Continue reading

A little bit more about me…

So, as I’ve already stated I’m a recent graduate, I’ve just got my first job in financial news production but hope to become a serious journalist some day. This is basically a bit of a biog about me… I grew up in the tiny town of Goole, East Yorkshire in a sprawling family to artist … Continue reading