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Why I’d be a hypocrite to get married in a church…

Since we got engaged it seems like everyone and anyone can have an opinion about our plans, and boy do people have strong opinions about weddings! A few people have suggested that to get around the problem of register offices being small and registrar’s fees for private venues being so high that we should ‘just … Continue reading

The Accidental Bride

When it comes to planning weddings, one saying I often hear is that the bride has been dreaming of their big day since they were a little girl. Often people add emphasis to the importance of their day by saying they have been figuratively planning it since they were five years old. I, perhaps unfortunately, … Continue reading

How to survive an adult tonsillectomy…

After years of bugging doctors with recurring outbreaks of tonsillitis and almost constant tonsil stones a doctor finally sent me to a specialist. Lo and behold, they were beyond repair and a tonsillectomy was well overdue. In the run up to my procedure I did some internet research, and found that most posts were either … Continue reading

What to do when there are strange people in your house…

So I’m currently in the midst of a strange man who’s doing a gas check on my house. He’s not strange because he’s weird, just strange because I don’t know him. Having strangers in my house isn’t something I’m used to, or many people are I suppose, because most people are invited into your home … Continue reading

Pre-new job nerves…

So this week I was offered a job, and it’s a job in the media so I was really happy to be offered the position! Whilst I was imagining that it could take me potentially until Christmas atleast to find a job, my mind was slowly turning to mush with avid day time TV watching … Continue reading

Do people still believe in Ghosts?

Recently a couple of strange things have happened to me in my house, that I really can’t explain. In the first instance, a glass surface protector I was cooling cakes on moved 6 inches across the surface when I left the room, and in the second my front room clock had stopped before I went … Continue reading

My personal tribute to Amy Winehouse

  I was just 16 years old when I first heard Amy Winehouse. I was a massive R ‘n’ B fan and listened to people like Jennifer Lopez and Alicia Keys, and Amy was a real breath of fresh air. First of all, she was British. She was signing about things I recognised, and things … Continue reading

Sometimes you just have ‘one of those days…’

All in all, my week hasn’t been brilliant! I managed to get rejected from some work experience I really wanted on Monday, then Tuesday rejected from a traineeship I really wanted, directly before failing my driving test! Tuesday night saw my boyfriend treating me to many a double vodka and coke (they were out of … Continue reading

The great exam results panic…

Today I got my final set of results for university… and perhaps maybe forever? I was happy. I managed to get a 2.1 in my worst subject, Law, and had been waiting extremely anxiously for the last three weeks for the results to come in. In fact, anxiously is to put it mildly. I’ve been … Continue reading