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Ten Tips For New Runners

I really enjoy running, and when I tell people that I run they usually have two reactions. Normally they ether tell me I’m mental and that they hate running, or they tell me that they’d love to be able to run and don’t really know where to start. With this in mind, I wrote a … Continue reading

Body acceptance v changing your body

Most of you know that lately I’ve lost a reasonable amount of weight. To date, 32lb, and I’m aiming at losing some more. But diet and body size is such a loaded topic, it is hard to talk about. One of the things I often encounter when talking about my weight loss journey is that … Continue reading

Giving up the side bar of shame…

I’d always been a Guardian reader. I’m a big leftie unfortunately, though not so much as I used to be now I pay taxes! But the Guardian website, though¬†great for news, is not always great for entertainment. The Daily Mail on the other hand, is fantastic fun. There are so many articles you can hate-read. … Continue reading

How to survive an adult tonsillectomy…

After years of bugging doctors with recurring outbreaks of tonsillitis and almost constant tonsil stones a doctor finally sent me to a specialist. Lo and behold, they were beyond repair and a tonsillectomy was well overdue. In the run up to my procedure I did some internet research, and found that most posts were either … Continue reading

Happy New Year

This year has been such a mixed bag. Many news commentators have suggested that 2011 will become a momentous year in history, and similarly it has been a momentous year in my own history. 2011 has seen me graduate, pass my driving test, embark on my career and really just start out on my own … Continue reading

The Experience Gap

Any 16-24 year old who is classed as not in employment, education or training (aka NEETS) will know the many hardships of trying to get a job in the current economic climate. This month’s unexpected unemployment rise has shown that 20.2% – that’s one in five – young people are NEETs. The hardships that young … Continue reading

Should all migrants coming into the UK be able to speak some English?

First of all, you should know I’m not writing this as someone with a right-wing agenda about immigration, but more as someone who cares about the well-being of the UKs many migrants. I’m not trying to inflame any kind of xenophobic argument! Currently, people who are moving into the UK from outside the EU, and … Continue reading

Festivals- a British Love Affair

This weekend sees the arrival of the great British annual summertime stallwart the Glastonbury Festival, where thousands of revellers will brave any amount of mud or sunburn to enjoy a weekend of live music. From the outset, if you were to pick anywhere in the world to hold a festival, Britian¬† wouldn’t be many people’s … Continue reading

Could Working for Free Now Lead to Better Future Prospects in the Long Term..???

Realising that it could take me an awfully long time to break into journalism with the current level of competition and with many job losses, I have decided that rather than getting a job which won’t help me get into journalism but that pays is I’m going to volunteer in a number of capacities that … Continue reading